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70% of English schools have taken the plunge - why not join them? Eco-Schools provides a simple framework to help make sustainability an integral part of school life. It enhances the curriculum and gets the whole school united behind something important.

What's more, joining the Eco-Schools programme is completely free and makes tackling sustainable issues manageable and easy for any school, whether you’re a LA nursery, primary school, secondary school or a school with special status. 

Registered schools receive our monthly e-newsletter with details of Eco-Schools training courses and conferences, Green Flag Application tips, information about upcoming National Awareness Days, events and campaigns, as well as links to other helpful organisations and teaching resources.

Schools can work towards our three awards; Bronze, Silver and Green Flag. The Eco-Schools team will be on hand via phone and email to support you on your Eco-Schools journey.

All you need to do is spend a few minutes giving some details about your school. We won't share your contact details with anyone else.

If you currently have a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) we will need your 'Certificate Number' and 'Issue Date' so it is a good idea to have this to hand. Most schools display theirs in the foyer or office.

We now use the Department for Education's live database in our registration process to determine whether a school is eligible for the Eco-Schools programme. Find out here if your school is eligible before you register. 

If your establishment is not eligible you can still take part in an Eco-Communities programme, by registering with Eco-Centres. Eco-Centres has a very similar framework to Eco-Schools and has been developed for public buildings and non-school establishments. 

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Display Energy Certificate Data

Since October 2008 occupiers of public buildings with floor areas of more than 1000m² (roughly 10 000ft²), have been required to have a Display Energy Certificate (DEC).

We are asking schools to submit data from their certificate to help us gain a better picture of energy usage in schools.

If you have a current Display Energy Certificate please fill in the following information from your DEC below.

Please note: If you are an independent school or have a floor area of under 1000m² you are not required by law to have a DEC, although you may choose to have one as good practice.