Ambassador Role 2016

Applications for the Eco-Schools Ambassador role 2016 

You will need to submit your application for the role by Monday 14 December 2015.

To see if you are eligible to apply please read the role criteria.

To apply for the role please read through the application process overview.

Ambassador applications and Green Flag Renewal


  • Ambassador applicants are still expected to reapply for their Green Flag award and all applicants will be eligible to pay the £200 plus VAT Green Flag assessment charge (there is no additional charge for putting in an Ambassador role application).
  • If you are applying for the Ambassador role we will use your most recent Green Flag assessment report and application in consideration alongside your Ambassador role application.
  • If you are due for renewal of your Green Flag during the Ambassador application process you will still be expected to meet the two year renewal deadline on your certificate.

What does it mean to be an Eco-Schools Ambassador?

Read the eligability criteria for the Ambassador role.

An Eco-School Ambassador is an inspirational flagship Eco-School. Our Ambassadors are leaders, who extend the ethos of Eco-Schools far beyond the school gates. Our Ambassadors have given support and guidance to other Eco-Schools and non Eco-Schools to encourage them to be sustainable and responsible schools.

With exceptional levels of pupil leadership and whole school support, Ambassador Eco-Schools work to ensure sustainability is embedded into the curriculum. As an Ambassador they have successfully delivered change in the culture of the school. An Eco-Schools Ambassador will be able to demonstrate successful pupil and community interaction. They are supporting and sharing information and advice with other schools and the wider community.

Being an Eco-Schools Ambassador is not a next step as a Green Flag Eco-School. The school aims to fulfil a position of responsibility and is given the role for two years. The role is undertaken by inspirational Green Flag schools who currently extend their support and commitment to sustainability and the wider community. 

For an insight into what it means to be an Ambassador school watch this video about  the work of St. Edward's Primary School in Rochdale .

How long can schools be an Ambassador for?

Schools who are chosen as Ambassadors hold the role for two years. At the end of this time they are welcome to reapply.

Legacy Ambassadors

We value the ongoing work of all past and present Ambassador Schools and see them as a vital element to the continuing success of the Eco-School programme and to promoting sustainability. Our previous Ambassadors will be seen as our legacy schools, they will continue to take an active role and lead with sustainability in their community and we will continue to share the experiences and successes gained from their hard work and commitment to Eco-Schools.

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