Fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas for your School

Want to raise money for your school? Here are some ideas to get your pupils and whole school involved, many also have great links with your Eco-Schools topics as you raise ffuds for future eco-projects.

  1. Consider a textile recycling scheme. These can help to raise funds as you work on the waste topic and its a great wa to get parents and the wider school community involved in your efforts.
  2. Grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs, then sell them to make a profit – if your school keeps chickens sell their eggs too! You can link this project with the Eco-Schools biodiversity, school grounds and healthy living topics. 
  3. Host a Fair Trade coffee morning, bake sale or cake competition - great links with global citizenship, as well as potential  links to other schemes such as International Schools Award.
  4. Recycle old stuff for money. Collect mobile phones, electrical goods or gadgets (try O2). Recycle CDs, DVDs and computer games (try MusicMagpie) or Recycle books for money (try Green Metropolis).
  5. Have a book sale. Ask pupils and parents to donate books and invite your school community to come along and buy a book!
  6. Sell old sports equipment or furniture via sites such as Gumtree. Pass on unwanted school equipment (try Gyko
  7. Collect and sell your recyclable waste. For example recycle printer cartridges (try Empties please)
  8. Design and sell Christmas cards created by pupils. Or auction your pupils' art work for the community to purchase.
  9. Hold a swishing event or a bring and buy sale

Your school could purchase via different organisations who donate money, for example purchase via websites who donate a percentage to your PTA (try Easy Fundraising).

Host an event or use your school for a range of activities can raise funds

  • Offer your school as a venue and charge other groups or organisations to rent your facilities
  • Host a ‘Battle of the Bands’ in school or have a year group disco
  • Host a BBQ / Summer Green fete
  • Host an auction in school for parents and charge them an entrance price
  • Offer a car wash day for parents and your loacl community
  • Have an Eco Fashion show
  • Host an open mic night for parents
  • Have a non-uniform day or eco fancy dress (if each child brings £1 and there are 250 children in your school, you have raised £250). Or have a uniform day for teachers.
  • Ask for donations to a raffle and sell tickets during an event. Parents may work for local businesses who can supply prizes.
  • Set up a sponsored event: silence; walk; exercise; cook off; bake off
  • Clothes swap or swishing event. Ask pupils pay a small donation to buy good unwanted clothing
  • Host an Eco Pamper night. Some local companies may wish to take part or students studying health and beauty could trial their skills
  • Create an Eco Quiz for pupils or parents and the wider community. Charge for entry with a donated prize for the winner

Other ideas

  • Collect spare change
  • Approach local businesses for partnerships (this also supports the wider community involvement aspect of the criteria)
  • Each class could be given a target to raise £30 - £40 each. The classes can choose how they want to rasie their share
  • Start a ‘Just Giving’ page for parents and the wider community to donate to your school
  • Consider 'crowdfunding', this offers the opportunity for any anyone to donate money to fund a project (see People

Boost your event

  • Invite an Eco-Schools Ambassador, this could be a local eco-personaility or representatives from an Ambassador school
  • Contact the local media, tell them your plans and invite them along.
  • Use any connections you may have with celebrities, the council, local business, local community groups and others. Ask parents, they may have links and connections that could be helpful.
  • Use your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc - as well as your school website, blog or newsletters to advertise your events. Make sure you tell us too.
  • Network with other local Eco-Schools. Talk to your local authority - they could help you spread the word around other local schools
  • Have your pupils create posters to advertise your events, these can be dispalyed in local shops, businesses, libaries, supermarkest and other community notice boards.
  • Tell everyone you know via all the ways you can think of!


Have a tracking sheet so you know where you are up to with raising funds. Ask pupils to take the lead on this. Enable pupils to lead the whole event – potentially a great enterprise or business project for them.

Other useful resources

Ambassador Eco-Schools can give you support or advice, they can help with the ideas you already have or give you some suggestions.

There are more fundraising ideas availible on the Parent & Teacher Associations website.