7. The Eco-Code

Girls with their Eco Code

Your Eco-Code

It is a requirement for the Silver and Green Flag Awards, that your school has agreed, adopted and displayed an Eco-Code. The Eco-Code is your mission statement. It should demonstrate – in a positive, clear and imaginative way – your school’s commitment to improving your environmental performance.

The whole school, led by the Eco-Committee, should have a key role in developing the code. This will give your school a greater sense of responsibility for the values the code represents. The Eco-Code may take the form of simple phrases, a poem or a song. Its presentation could be a design challenge for pupils. Citizenship and personal social health education classes provide a good opportunity to discuss the Eco-Code’s meaning and values.

Prominent display

Your Eco-Code should be displayed throughout the school on notice boards, in classrooms, staffrooms and along corridors.

It’s important to understand that an Eco-Code – like any behaviour or other code – will fail to have meaning if those it’s aimed at don’t understand and subscribe to its content. It’s more likely to be effective if it’s evolved alongside other changes brought about by the Eco-Committee, rather than simply brainstormed, written and displayed.

How the Pod can help

If your school needs to develop or refresh their Eco-Code, taking part in one of the Pod's national environmental campaigns provides a great opportunity to do this as part of whole school engagement.

Some example Eco-Codes from our Eco-Schools