Who can become an Eco-School? New registration criteria

New Eco-School Registration Criteria

Endeavouring to streamline the registration process for Eco-Schools and align it to Local Authority data, we are now using a strict criteria for new schools registering with the programme and in the future for some schools already registered with Eco-Schools.

The Department for Education currently host a live database of all School establishments in England.  The site lists all schools by LEA for all types showing Open, Closed, Proposed opening of new schools and also proposed dates of schools closing or converting etc. Eco-Schools now use this model to establish whether registrants will be approved or declined.

Using this database gives Eco-Schools a baseline which we can use for reporting to the DfE (Department for Education), FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education), DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) and other organisations.

Currently an Eco-School but not sure if you are still eligible?

To see whether you are eligible for the Eco-Schools programme, you can check for your school type in the list below. You can also search the Department for Education website here, to see whether your school is on the database. The easiest way is to type in your LEA in the top box marked 'Town, locality or post code'. Alternatively you can email us and we will check your eligibility.

The type of schools that are listed are as follows:

  • Academy Converters, Academy Special, Academy Sponsor Led
  • British Schools Overseas, Service Childrens Education, Offshore Schools
  • City Technology College, Special College, UTC
  • Community School, Community Special School
  • Foundation School, Foundation Special School
  • Free Schools, Free Schools - 16-19, Free Schools - Alternative Provision, Free Schools Special
  • Sixth Form Centres, Further Education
  • Institution funded by other Government Department
  • LA Nursery School
  • Non-Maintained Special School
  • Other Independent School, Other Independent Special School
  • Pupil Referral Unit, Secure Units
  • Studio Schools
  • Voluntary Aided School, Voluntary Controlled School
  • Miscellaneous